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Custom Lapel Pins

If you’re looking for a quality, value, product for presentations, promotions, ceremonies, club memberships, fundraisers, wedding, or just for fun collectability – our custom Lapel Pins are an incredible choice.

We’ve been making personalized Lapel Pins here in our CANADIAN factory for over 47 years! Our custom Lapel Pins have been shipped around the world for Military, Government, High big Brands, even high profile events we can’t talk about!

We recognize that Lapel Pins aren’t for everyone. Our Lapel Pins are different. They are not stock items shipped from China (although we do have forged relationships with overseas factories). We understand that not everyone wants a Pin in standard or traditional shapes or sizes. That’s why we manufacture your Lapel Pins in any shape, size, design, finish, and with any feature you want.

All our custom lapel pins are completely manufactured for you at our state of the art factory. Our team of true artists and craftsmen look at every pin design with fresh eyes. So your custom pin order is unique and personal. We work with your logo, your photo – (yes, we can turn photographs into three dimensional pins!)

We specialize in large and small orders. Our reputation for customer satisfaction is something we work seriously hard to maintain. Our process is simple and straight forward. Every custom lapel pin customer receives an art preview and an accurate quote - no surprises! We work with you, we impress you. What we say is what we do!

Factory: We own our own factory, and offer wholesale pricing for all our products on low minimum and high volume medals.

Location: Our factory is located in Canada which allows us to ship to our North American customers faster than any of our competitors. Our factory is fully-automated and high-tech, which produce spin cast medals, awards, emblems, and other finely crafted custom products.

Overseas and high volume orders: We also hold forged relationships with factories overseas, where we produce die struck, enamel, precious metal pins.

Pricing: Because we own our own factories, we offer competitive pricing, and have incredible quality control.

Customer Service: We are supported by the best customer service team in the industry. And we pride ourselves on offering our customers the best experience.

If you are not a wholesaler, we welcome you to reach out and we will gladly put you in contact with the appropriate distributor who will offer you competitive pricing.